"Cast your burdens on the Lord, releasing the weight of them and He will sustain you." (Psalm 55:22)

When you’re at peace, you are in a position of power! When you go through adversities, the enemy fully expects you to get upset, lose your joy, complain, and host your own “pity party.” He’s devised a plan to keep you in an attitude of defeat. When you choose to obey God’s Word and refuse to get upset, you break the forces of darkness and defeat the enemy in your life.

Jesus said in John 14:27, “I’m leaving you My peace. I’m giving it unto you.” The Amplified version says, “Now stop allowing yourself to be agitated and disturbed. And do not permit yourselves to become unsettled.” God has done His part to give you His peace. As a child of God, His peace is on the inside of you right now. You’ve got to do your part and make the decision to live in peace.

When negative circumstances arise, and you make the choice to stay calm and live in peace, you are showing that you have faith and trust in God. Today, choose to keep peace in your life. When you cast your burdens on Him, He promises to sustain you–that’s a place of true peace, a place of lasting power!

A Prayer for Today

God, I know that You are in control, I know that You’re going to see me through; I trust You. I know that no weapon formed against me is going to prosper. Today, I will focus on the peace inside of me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Many Christians have a confidence problem. They love Christ but are ashamed of everything associated with him. They want to be known as a Christian — just not that type of Christian. You know the type: the Westboro Baptists of the world; the scumbag televangelists on late-night cable; the fear-mongering preachers spewing apocalyptic prophecies; the proselytizers that scream at people outside of baseball stadiums; the celebrities claiming stupid things in the name of God; the “friends” who post bigoted messages on Facebook; the politicians who manipulate faith communities to serve their agendas; the anti-science, anti-environment, anti-women, anti-homosexuality, and anti-everything Christians who basically spread negativity wherever they go — the people who drag Christ’s name through the mud.

But the Gospel of Christ is a story of redemption, and even the Christian legacy — filled with violence, greed, duplicity, exclusion, and injustice — can be set right by the love of Christ.

http://sojo.net/blogs/2013/05/20/christian-inferiority-complex (via sjmattson)
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